Pecan Snack Platter

By: The American Pecan Promotion Board

Serving Size: 1

Cook Time: 5 mins

‘Tis the season for variety, and pecans  make for a nutritious and versatile snack. Pair them with a number of accoutrements – from fruits and vegetables to cheese and chocolate – for a simple yet impressive snack platter you can serve during holiday festivities.


Recipe notes:


Roasted red pepper pecan dip (see recipe notes)

Pecan, bacon and Jalapeno cheese ball (see recipe notes)

Assorted seasonal fresh fruit like blueberries and apples

Assorted seasonal fresh vegetables like peppers, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers

Assorted dried fruit like figs, dried apples

Toasted pecan halves


Whole grain mustard


Cured meat, if desired

Crackers or bread toasts

Dark chocolate


  1. To assemble: arrange pecan, bacon and jalapeno cheese ball, roasted red pepper dip, and desired accouterments on a large platter, cutting board, or slate slab and allow guests to serve themselves.