Pecan Snow Globe Jar Topper

By: Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Damask Love

Serving Size: 1

Cook Time: 20 mins

Whether you’re looking for a fun DIY craft for the kids, or a tasty holiday gift for your loved ones – package up flavored pecan with festive snow globe toppers for a sweet treat everyone will love.


Spiced Pecans or Gingerbread Pecans (see notes)

1 70mm clear plastic ball ornament (see notes)

1 sheet white cardstock paper

1 pair scissors

1 bottle Gem-tac glue (see notes)

2 plastic miniature holiday figurine (reindeer, tree, snowman see notes for more detail)

4 tablespoons fake snow (see notes)

2 regular mouth glass jars with lids, about 2.5 inches in diameter (see notes)


  1. Open the ornament into two halves and trace each half onto a piece of white cardstock paper, so you have two circles.
  2. Cut out the traced circles.
  3. Hot glue a miniature figurine onto each paper circle.
  4. Turn one half of the ornament upside down so it’s like a bowl and fill with 2 tablespoons fake snow. Repeat for the other half of the ornament.
  5. Run a thin line of Gem-Tac glue around the perimeter of the white cardstock circle.
  6. With the ornament half with the snow still upside-down, place the cardstock circle on top of the ornament so that the glue meets the edges of the ornament. The figurine should be in the same half as the snow. This will prevent the fake snow from getting stuck to any Gem Tac glue that is exposed. Repeat for the second half of the ornament.
  7. Let the snow globe dry in this position until the Gem-Tac glue is no longer tacky, at least 60 minutes. Once dry, close the ornament and turn the project over, right side up.
  8. Meanwhile, whip up your Spiced Pecans or Gingerbread Pecans.
  9. Fill both jars with your pecans.
  10. Place the tops on the jars, then use glue to adhere the snow globe toppers onto the jar tops. Wait 60 minutes to dry.
  11. Enjoy your new jar snow globe topper!


  • Choose your favorite pecans snack recipe like Spiced Pecans, Gingerbread Pecans, Garlic Herb Pecans
  • Ornaments: Ensure you use the 70mm plastic ornaments as they’ll best fit the jars. If purchasing another size, make sure the jar and ornament are the same circumference. Make sure you purchase ornaments that you can open into two halves.
  • For this project, I recommend Gem-Tac Glue as it dries completely clear and it creates a strong bond with the plastic.
  • Fake snow: Available at most craft stores
  • Holiday miniatures: You can use whichever you’d like, they’re available at most craft stores. Just ensure they’ll fit within the ornament half.